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Volkswagen is one of the oldest automotive brands in the world, that came into existence with the sole purpose to build affordable cars for the mass market. With the German thought of perfection in mind, the brand has evolved in delivering quality products that could last a lifetime if it’s taken good care of.

Despite their Diesel scandal with their very well known TDI engines, the company has recovered from this mistake and has turned its focus on electric mobility. Volkswagen targets 50% of sales to be battery-electric vehicles by 2030. By 2040, 100% of its new vehicles in major markets should be fully electric vehicles. The success of Volkswagen is due to a mixture of well executed strategies over time. To this date, Volkswagen is the top selling brand in the world. So how did they manage to get to this position?

If you ask anyone about a Volkswagen, the majority will say that they are good quality cars. The brand doesn’t sell character or emotions like an Alfa Romeo or Jaguar. But that’s not what they are trying to please. Their priority for Volkswagen is a good working car, that does what it is meant to do. Get passengers safely from point A to B, for as many times possible.

With their focus on quality and long-term reliability. The Volkswagen consumer trusts the brand because it will deliver what is most important to most buyers.

Alongside quality, Volkswagen covered the automotive market by designing and delivering a wide variety of models. At Volkswagen you can buy any shape of car, in multiple models and trims. Because of this strategy, consumers are more likely to end up buying a Volkswagen because of the high variety.

So if you are looking for a stock car with high reliability. Make sure to check out the offers by Volkswagen, browse their models and discover your ideal Volkswagen stock car through our search engine.

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How to get the right Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has a high variety of models on our search engine. Scrolling through all the offers without utilising the filtering menu will take a lot of your time. To find the right Volkswagen, make good use of the filtering menu especially when you are looking for a Volkswagen stock car.

On our search engine you can select different types of filters, to narrow down your search and only see the cars that match your criteria.

How to find the best Volkswagen deal?

The best Volkswagen deal is one with the highest discount percentage. Our search engine shows you the most discounted car immediately, so whatever you are looking for. The first few results you see on the “most discounted” tab, are all cars with the highest given discounts first.

If you compare different models, make sure to consider the age of the model. Newer models get less discount than older ones. So comparing a new model against old, isn’t always a fair comparison. Time makes car lose value; designs get old even though they are still for sale in a showroom.

ID electric mobility

The Volkswagen ID sub brand is the electric model range from Volkswagen. Their first two attempts are scoring very well on the electric mobility market. The ID.3 is a Volkswagen Golf sized electric vehicle that is available from just over 33,000 euro on the Belgian market. Because of its newness, the model receives very little discount. The maximum we see right now is 3%.

The ID.4 starts at just under 40,000 euro with up to 2% discount. Both cars are setting the future of Volkswagen now that they are targeting to have all their models fully electric by 2040. This is the start of the new future at Volkswagen.

Volkswagen, a shared brand

Volkswagen is part of the larger Volkswagen Group that holds brands like Skoda, Seat and Audi. With Volkswagen, these four brands share a lot of components together. But what is clear, is that Volkswagen is the main developer for shared modular design of front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout automobiles.

This technology designed by Volkswagen is meant to be shared between all other brands in the VW Group. Therefore, you always see an alternative Volkswagen from the other brands. Because of this modular platform technology, the Volkswagen Group can make one platform and sell multiple cars.

Should you buy a Diesel Volkswagen stock car?

The Diesel scandal of Volkswagen also knows as Diesel Gate, will forever haunt the brand in the background. Volkswagen lied about their emission figures for Diesel cars, adding trickery to the cars so it can detect emission testing and reduce power. This event caused a lot of mistrust in the brand, but Volkswagen shouldn’t be solely blamed for this behaviour.

The European Union went overboard with emission restriction causing brands like Volkswagen and many others to use creative thinking with often cheating as a result. The strict emission laws were not realistic with the available technology back then.

The problem with Diesel engines is not the CO2, in fact they have always emitted less CO2 than petrol engines making them cleaner on paper. They are also much more efficient than a petrol-powered car. Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio than a petrol engine. Easily explained, one explosion is more powerful in a Diesel engine than a Petrol engine. This results that a Diesel is more efficient and needs less fuel.

New Diesel engines now come with diesel particle filters that reduces most obnoxious particulate matter. However, the nitrogen oxides (NOx) remain an issue with Diesel engines. These NOx gases contribute to smog, acid rain and affects ground level ozone.

NOx will always remain in Diesel cars, having no NOx is almost impossible to achieve.

However, to this day there is no real alternative to a Diesel engine. Consumers that travel a lot and would want to own the car for a long time still have no other choice than a Diesel-powered engine. Almost any Volkswagen with a Diesel engine does more than 700km on a full tank. This can’t be replaced with either a petrol or electric vehicle. So the future of a Diesel engine is definitely still there.

How much discount on a new Volkswagen?

Volkswagen is quite generous with giving discounts. New or even older models get up to 20% discount. You can view all Volkswagen stock cars on mycarena through our search engine. There you will immediately see how much discount you can get on a new Volkswagen stock car.

Fully electric models such as the ID.3 do not get more than 5% discount. The demand at this moment is very high for electric cars, with a result that very little discount is given on these models.

How to know you got a good deal on a Volkswagen?

While with other brands, usually the older models receive a lot of discount and newer models get very less discount. With Volkswagen, new or old may both have high discount rates. So, the best way to know whether you have found a good deal is by selecting the model in the filtering menu. Then you will see all deals of that model and the most discounted deals.

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