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The Audi brand is developed for the perfectionist, that values the small details in a product. They are also the frontrunners in implementing the most advanced technology on their cars. All of this comes with a high cost, but is the added cost worth it?

If you are looking for an Audi stock car, then mycarena is surely the right place to be. If you have already looked on our search engine, you will notice that popular models such as the A1 or A3, circulate for very nice discounts. The price tag of an Audi is equivalent to other two premium brands BMW and Mercedes. However, Audi is very cautious giving discounts so a good deal doesn’t stay available for too long. The highly desirable brand in Belgium does sell cars very quickly, make sure to be quick when you find the right Audi stock car for the best price.

Audi differentiates itself primarily in quality. This is achieved by extensive research during the development of the car. But also, during production the quality control is very strict for achieving top notch quality standards of an Audi. What else is very different in Audi is the touch and feel of the interior. Every part of the car is carefully developed, to sense the right emotions of premium quality to the driver and passenger seated in the Audi.

The added value you pay for an Audi, is not always immediately visible. But with time, the difference you feel makes the higher price understandable. But for some buyers the details might be too much. Make sure to test drive an Audi, before you make a final choice with a stock car.

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How to find the right Audi?

Audi is one of the few brands on mycarena with such a vast collection of cars. There is something for everyone, so finding the right stock car can be very tricky. Our best guide is to use the filtering menu to your advantage. Make sure you understand what type of stock car you want. You can choose multiple types of body styles, such as a compact car, sedan, estate and so on.

Select those you think are suitable to you. Then you must choose your minimum and maximum budget. This allows the search engine to only show you Audi stock cars that match your budget. The results you will see can be narrowed down even further though more filters until you found the right Audi stock car.

How to find the best Audi deal?

The recommended way to find the best Audi stock car deal is by using our search engine. Once you select the Audi model or configuration of your choice. The results you will see are all cars that match your interest. Use the first tab to see the most discounted cars first.

Any car that appears on the first page will be the best option for you. Choose the car of your interest by clicking on it. The search engine will redirect you to the official stock car website of Audi. There you can read more about the available stock car. You can get in touch with the dealer for more information, or immediately reserve the Audi online.


Audi e-tron is a separate branding by Audi for all their electric models. The name was first introduced in 2009 with their first concept of an electric sports car. It was called the “e-tron” and it had a similar appearance of the first-generation Audi R8.

Audi developed a few more concepts and even a production model A3 e-tron hybrid. Until they released the first proper e-tron production model in 2018. Practice makes perfect and so was the new e-tron SUV. This model was the first attempt by Audi to compete with brands like Tesla. Unfortunately, the electric drivetrain isn’t of same standard as a Tesla, but the design work and quality by Audi is on another level. Just recently they released their e-tron sedan called the e-tron GT. Once again Audi overdelivered in design, winning the hearts of new premium EV buyers.

With now the Audi Q4 e-tron being released. The e-tron brand will continue to evolve in all shapes and forms.

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Vorsprung durch technik

The slogan of Audi is the German sentence “Vorsprung Durch Technik”, that translates to “Advancement Through Technology”. These are not only fancy words, but Audi has also effectively introduced game changing technology to the market.

Audi was the first company to introduce permanent four-wheel drive to non-commercial cars in 1980 with the Audi Quattro B2. To date, the most historical achievement of Audi remains Quattro. Because of the All-Wheel Drive system, Audi won the World Rally Championship 8 times making the Audi Quattro the most successful racing car in history.

Audi was also the first company to introduce LED headlights and ever since they have pioneered in adaptive LED “Matrix” lighting. The headlamps of the latest Audi cars can be so advanced that they can project signs on the road. This can be used to help the driver get aware of certain hazards on the road, but also support other drivers with smart signalling.

Why does an Audi cost so much?

There are tons of valid reasons to describe why the price tag of an Audi is relatively more expensive than many other brands in the car market. Audi is a premium brand, part of the larger Volkswagen Group where you have alongside Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat. But also, luxury brands like Lamborghini and Bentley.

Audi has a very high influence in Lamborghini and Bentley. Both brands depend on Audi for supplies of components. This means that the Audi brand is developing high quality components that can also be shared with very expensive luxury brands. As an example, the infotainment system of a Lamborghini comes from Audi. Or most buttons in a Bentley are also straight from an Audi.

The quality standards of Audi must be on a very high level, so that certain Audi parts can be shared with those luxury brands. So understandable, the high Research and Development Costs for Audi, will ultimately result in higher total cost.

The high price tag of an Audi isn’t just because they “try” to be premium, they actually are premium. So, you are not paying for a redesigned Volkswagen, different badges, different body shapes a little bit more sound insulation here and there. No, an Audi product is a totally different development, with a high care to quality.

How much discount can you get on an Audi?

The maximum discount you will be able to get on an Audi stock car is around 20%. This is only valid for older models that are going to be replaced soon. On newer cars, you can expect not more than 15% discount. For most models, Audi gives more than 10% discount. Sometimes Audi may release cars that are very wanted on the market. So, these stock cars are very low in supply and as a result the discount rate is also very low. With these rare stock cars you will not see more than 5% discount.

To conclude older Audi stock cars receive 20% discount, new models up to 15% and very rare stock cars up to 5%.

How to know if you got a good deal on an Audi?

The average best discount value for an Audi stock car is 15%. However, keep in mind the age of the model and the situation of the market. Some models are very new and only a handful of stock cars are available. Because of the short supply of stock cars, the discounts can’t be high enough.

Time is an important value with stock cars and discount. Make sure to see how old the car is, if the car is older than 3 years than you must look for a discount value of more than 15%. If the car is younger than 3 years, than anything around 10% discount will do. In very rare cases, you may see an Audi stock car for only 5% discount. These are exceptions and usually very expensive cars. In this case you must compare the discount rate with the same models for a fair comparison.